Top 2 Skills to learn in 21st century

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Is hunting important to learn nowadays?
Is weaving is must to learn?
Is cleaning important to do by yourselves at this time?
Is it very much important to have healthy physique than healthy brain in this world of today?
Answer of all these questions is NO. Because it is not important to learn hunting, weaving, cleaning and to attain healthy physique. And all this is not important because we have now machines to do this, we have now computer controlled tools to do all easy and basic tasks. What we need now is such machines, and the maker of them. The makers of them are humans, who desire to do something different.

These machines are not only the need of now. They will be needed in future as well. Therefore, the young minds of today are needed to be equipped with such skills, as well, which help them to make robots and automatic machines.
Children and young minds can be taught such skills when they are given that platform. And that platform can only be provided to them by schools and teachers, who are experts in cultivating the real talent of the child which they polish as well.
Today’s teachers, and today’s schools need to make little changes in their curriculum. They need to introduce some skills and subjects which are not taught before or which are not included in the curriculum before. After all, their students will be the makers and runners of this world in future.
Some of the skills which can be introduced in the schools of today are:
1)      Coding Languages:
Programming is the most basic which is must to introduce in syllabus. Because every machine, every robot and every equipment is now based on codes and machine languages. The advertisement boards and panflex are designed by using Java and HTML as well. The teaching of these languages will equip them with the basics of programming which will then help them to design whatever they want to. The basics will help them to design the basic function of their dream robot.
Programming is gateway to creativity. A child can make anything by using codes. Therefore, creativity will also be stimulated, besides boosting his or her observation and organizational skills.
Teachers can teach them coding and programming with the help of computers. There are many applications and websites like Coursera, edx, Khan Academy.
Khan Academy has children-friendly user interface which attracts children to stick o it. Moreover, there is badges system, that if a user will perform best he or she will get learner badge and so on.
It will be better, if he or she would teach them in small groups. In this way a teacher can give time to each of them as much as they want.

2)      Communication:
Your conversation, your way of talking and your way of expressing yourselves decide your future. If your conversation is not that convincing, it is not that interest binding or it is not that influential, then bright future can only blessed to you by luck, not by effort.
In this age, communication defines a person. If he or she can express his or her talent in the best way either by verbally or write-ups, then future is on the side of his or her.
Therefore, now it is must to have communicative skills, to have enough words to express yourselves and to have enough courage to speak to any stranger at any-time frankly or sophisticated which is needed at that time. Thus, it needs smartness. That’s why, it should be taught on school level as well.
Teachers can teach this skills. There are many ways to teach this.
He or she can make them communicators by turning a classroom into a room of panel discussion where every child is panellist and teacher is moderator. Moreover, a teacher can give each of them a chance to speak about their interests and hobbies in class. This will make them expressive, as well.
So, these are the top two which are needed a lot to introduce in the classrooms of today and of tomorrow. Because tomorrow the world needs not only one, but a lot of leaders. And that a lot of leaders can only generated by schools when schools will teach them what is important to learn for this age and upcoming age. Cheap essay writers UK cannot tell what is required. Observant can only tell the teachers what is important to teach.           


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