3 ways to teach literature

Yes, it is true, that we are heading towards an age of communication, where your communicative skills will determine that whether you are qualified for the workplace, for any chore or not. It will be your wat expressing yourselves that will determine whether you are like-able or not and whether you are influential or not. That’s the reason why choice of words matters at this time. But that choice of words can be learnt automatically? No, it can’t be learnt automatically. It can only be learnt when effort is made. And the best effort can be made by reading literature.

Schools teach literature to its students. Teachers give those lectures different novels. But these all are very boring. Those lectures and old classic novels are not easy to absorb. But, on the other hand it is important to study. However, different methods can be utilized to teach the same course that would bind their interest in it.

Lectures and books are not enough to teach. Different things and tools are needed as well. Those tools can attract them to study novels of Charles Dickens and Bronte Sisters.
Some of those tools and methods of teaching includes:

1)      Your own Perspective: Whether he or she is the student of grade one or the student of grade tenth, ever child and every student loves to give his or her opinions. After all it makes them worthy to be listened. And teachers should use this basic nature of them to bind their interest. Teachers can make the class a discussion platform where every child is allowed to give his or opinions about the chapters.

2)      They should be given enough space to present his or her perspective about the story. Moreover, he or she can discuss different shades of every character of the novel included in their curriculum.

3)      This technique can ignite some to read and give their views about it, but it would make others better listeners who would absorb the words of their speaker friends. On the other hand, this method will broaden their mind because they have to think about it. Moreover, the discussion will broaden the views of everyone and make them tolerant enough to accept the views of their friends and class fellows about the novel. Because teacher would be there to act as moderator, but that action should be taken indirectly, otherwise, children would not express their real selves.

4)      Create your own: Students love to create their own character, their own ending of the particular story, their own plot and their own story. Because, a mind is factory of thoughts and it is the basic desire of everyone to flash out those thoughts in the form of either conversation or write-ups.

5)      This basic can be utilized, as well, to motivate students to rake interest in classic novels. The teacher can ask them that they would end the novel. On the other hand he or she can give them assignment on what would be the qualities in their created hero of the story they are reading. Moreover, an assignment can be given to extend the story of the novel they are reading in their own way. Furthermore, their views and answers can be discussed as well. It will also open their minds and make them to think differently of to think from different perspectives.

6)      Thus technique will give them creative, because they would then have to create something from the zero or with the help of the present outline. Other than this, it will make them able to think and able to turn their thoughts into words which they would either speak or write.
7)      Show them: Watching movies and acting on plays is liked by everyone. After all, it makes their eyesight to look some colors all around, which is our basic desire. Teachers can use this nature too. What she can do is take them for movie at any decent cinema.

8)       If it cannot be possible, then he or she can show them movie in classroom. Moreover, play can show to them, as well, either in theatre or in school. Furthermore, he or she can organize them as well. Students of the class required to take part in it. In this way, they will learn to pronounce different words, act, and cooperate. The viewers will also improve their listening skills and communicative skills. After the play, teacher can ask them what they have understood from the play or what are their opinion about the characters and different scenes. This will broaden their minds, as well.
So, these are the three methods which teachers can use to develop the interest of children in literature and grammar. There are other techniques as well. But to make them more effective, she can read different write-ups and articles on UK master essay writers online.
Good luck teachers


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